What makes a FieldDay Candle so good?

It's a question we get asked all the time.  What makes FieldDay candles so good? Here's our top ten reasons! 

1. Vegan & Cruelty Free 🐇
2. Made with 100% vegetable soy wax 🌾
3. Made by hand in Ireland ✋
4. Native Irish scents 🍀
5. Award-winning fragrance 🏆
6. Natural & essential oils  😇
7. Sustainable & plastic free pacakging 🌎
8. 100% recyclable ♻ 
9. Printed with vegetable inks 🌿
10. We support Ulster Wildlife 🦡

We think that's a pretty good list. But as sustainability and candle nerds, we're always working on new fragrances, collections and packaging ideas for you. Watch this space!

In the meantime, if you're not sure what to go for, here's a selection of some of our best-loved candles, tried and tested by fellow FieldDay friends.

Hope you have a great weekend, and manage to dodge the Irish summer downpours! I'm heading to the Mourne Mountains to our cottage for a few days R&R. I'm kinda looking forward to the digital detox it brings.  The forecast doesn't look great, so the wine and candles are packed. I'm bringing my new Wildflowers of Ireland book, so I hope to get my forage-geek on if the weather clears!


Rain, rain is here to stay!

I've been away this week at our cottage in the Mourne Mountains. It's been bliss, the sunny weather has eluded us, and we've and dodging rain showers. Going for a walk after the rain, through fields or along to the beach is so beautiful. The rain seems to do something magical; the scent volume is turned up full blast, and the blend of wildflowers, grasses and earth in the warm-ish air is incredible. 

When making our Apothecary collection, a Rain scent was a MUST. 
We spent a lot of time capturing the scent of Rain, otherwise know as Petrichor; the pleasant scent of rain on dry earth.

We think we  cracked it. We've stood at trade fairs in New York with our Rain Candle, and watched seasoned NY buyers reduced to tears after smelling it. No wonder its got it's own cult following!

This week, our Rain candle received this amazing review. It really made us smile 🙂

PS - a huge thank you to our long-time Field Apothecary fans for joining us on social @FieldDayIre and FieldDay Ireland. Your support means the world and we can't wait to share the Apothecary goodness even more!

Now if you excuse me, I’m away to get soaked again...


Life isn’t always rosy… but candles help!

Life isn't always rosy, especially with everything going on in the world this week. The rubbish weather doesn't help things either, but we're with L.F. Young when he said:

"When life is not coming up roses, look to the weeds and find beauty within."

I love this quote and the thought that beauty can be found in all situations if we look hard enough. Take the beautiful wild rose; once the petals have gone and the bees have worked their pollinating magic, Mother Nature has one more trick up her sleeve; throwing out fat ruby rosehips, providing a handy source of Winter food for birds. 

FieldDay Rosehip Jam Jar

The rosehip is definitely not a forbidden fruit and can be used to make syrup, jellies, skin creams and more. They also make an excellent itching powder... remember chasing each other and throwing the itchy seeds down the backs of unsuspecting victims? No? Just us then.

These cooler evenings I've had a Rosehip Candle lit, the juicy scent of green leaves and ripe berries allows me to pause and appreciate the goodness in life.

But as always, don't just take our word for it!

This candle is heavenly! I could live in this scent all day and not get tired of it. It has the purest and most natural rose scent and almost has a sweet buttercream smell to it.
It does every justice to the flower, which is such a rare and special find.

- Ella

I've hit a spot of berry madness after picking up a gorgeous Blackberry Blondie in Tribe Coffee in Saintfield during the week. It was SO good. So the plan is to gather some blackberries this weekend and give them a go myself. Keep an eye on social and I'll share the recipe with you - if they're any good!


Clean Hands = Happy Hands

It's fair to say we're all connoisseurs of hand gel these days, right? We've all experienced them... the too sticky, the too slimy, and the too alcohol-y (and not the good kind!) YUCK. 

It's one of the reasons we developed our Wildflower Hand Gel; we really hated using industrial chemical gloop on our hands.

Admittedly, it took a while to perfect the consistency and to make sure the fresh floral scent of daisy, honeysuckle and geranium lingers for AGES on your hands. And of course, ensure the germs are killed too. We think we nailed it!

We've had brilliant feedback on it. Here's just one of many glowing reports!

"I'd honestly say this is the best hand gel I've ever used. It smells so fresh; not sickly sweet like many others. It's not sticky and leaves my hands feeling lovely. I have to hide it from my husband and kids to stop them using it!!"

- Carol Anne

Let's face it,  hand gel remains part of our daily lives for the forseeable.  So might as well use one that makes your hands feel clean and fresh as a daisy! 

  • Size 100ml 
  • 80% Alcohol Content 
  • Handbag & schoolbag sized
  • Perfect for all your wild wanders!

Have a great weekend,
Love Team FD

Cuteness overload…

Why does making something smaller make it much cuter? Maybe it's the tiny details, reminders of childhood toys, or our inner nurturer coming out...  But the squeals from the team when we packed up our NEW Candle Quartets  confirmed the FieldDay gang are definitely suckers for a baby version.

To be fair, they are extremely cute. Four mini glass jars of your favourite Classic Scents all in one adorable pack...

FieldDay Candle Quartet Lids
FieldDay Candle Quartet Box Size

Perfect for travelling with. Dot them around the house. The perfect way to sample all the classics - but good luck finding a favourite, we still can't decide! 

There's 6  hours of burn time per jar; that's  24 dreamy hours of our classic Irish fragrances...

Speaking of small and cute, the highlight of our week was a visit from our smallest neighbours, Ella and Holly. They called in with their Grandad to deliver hand-written applications for a job at FieldDay.

They made very worthwhile candidates. Holly said she may be only 7, but would be good for the job and Ella, 9, made the valid point she could sweep the floors easily as she is closer to the ground. 

Cuteness personified!

Have a great weekend,
Love Team FD

Making hay while the sun shines…

As the saying goes; make hay while the sun shines. But here at FieldDay, we make our gorgeous Hay Candles whatever the weather! The heatwave in Ireland has gone, and normal weather has resumed - translation: get your cardigans and woollies back on...

We're keeping our fingers crossed for another heatwave, but in the meantime, we'll keep burning our Hay Candle. It'll remind us of fleeting sunny days, the fields busy with farmers bringing in the hay, and the magical sight and scent of  of glorious golden bales lit by the evening sun.

Our Hay candlereally captures this summer scent. How do we do it? It's a clever combination of essential oils of lemon, orange, spearmint, camomile, basil, cedarwood and vetiver. Blended together, they make a fragrance of tumbled grass with hints of wild lavender and spearmint; creating the unmistakable scent of Hay. 

So, here's hoping the illusive Irish Summer makes a comeback. Until then, at least the candles are lit again, so it's not all bad!

Our award-winning Apothecary Collection pays tribute to the native scents of Ireland. Each candle has been created with up to eleven essential fragrance oils, all known and loved by generations past and present for their therapeutic nature, to create an indulgent and luxurious experience. 

Have a lovely weekend! 

Take care,