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Journal | Field Notes
Hit Refresh

It's January and although it's chilly, the sun is shining here in County Down; it feels like a good time to hit the refresh button.

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Journal | Fieldnotes

  1. Let's play Happy Families

    Let's play Happy Families

    We understand it's hard to try new fragrances. Even we find it difficult! So we've sorted all our candles into scent families, so finding a new favourite fragrance is easier.
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  2. Autumn Distilled

    Autumn Distilled

    We live beside a small, ancient church in Ballylesson. This weekend is their annual Harvest service; an old fashioned, folksy, country tradition. I completely love it!
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  3. There's no place like it!

    There's no place like it!

    Just like Dorothy in the Wizard Of Oz said, there's no place like Home.
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  4. Going greener

    Going greener

    We've had our eco- geek heads on here recently, making more planet friendly improvements! As part of our commitment to be more sustainable and waste free, we're replacing the wooden lids from our Large Candles with an eco-friendly plantable seed lid.
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  5. What makes a FieldDay Candle so good?

    What makes a FieldDay Candle so good?

    It's a question we get asked all the time. What makes FieldDay candles so good? Here's our top ten reasons!
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  6. Rain, rain is here to stay!

    Rain, rain is here to stay!

    I've been away this week at our cottage in the Mourne Mountains. It's been bliss, the sunny weather has eluded us, and we've and dodging rain showers...
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