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Journal | Field Notes
The end of elderflower season!

We're coming to the end of elderflower season and we've been busy making elderflower cordial...

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Journal | Fieldnotes

  1. Hit Refresh

    Hit Refresh

    It's January and although it's chilly, the sun is shining here in County Down; it feels like a good time to hit the refresh button.
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  2. Missing the scent of your tree...?

    Missing the scent of your tree...?

    Although the Christmas decorations are down, I always feel sad getting rid of the Christmas tree. It's such a shame! And after a few weeks drying in our warm kitchen, it smells SO good now; all herbal and aromatic.
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  3. There's still time for a FieldDay Christmas!

    There's still time for a FieldDay Christmas!

    It's a truth universally acknowledged that you can never have enough candles. It's an actual fact! Of course, there is more to us than candles. Normally we mean this in an eco-geek way, but it also means we've plenty of gift ideas to go round this Christmas!
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  4. Secret Santa sorted!

    Secret Santa sorted!

    Every year at HQ we do Secret Santa as a team. It puts the fear into a few of us - especially as we ceremonially open them in turn, evaluating the gifts with a few laughs.
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  5. All I want for Christmas is a Wintertime Gift Set!

    All I want for Christmas is a Wintertime Gift Set!

    So, how's the Christmas shopping going? One of our staff at HQ, Marie, has her presents bought AND wrapped by September EVERY year. I mean how is this even possible?!
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  6. A Different Black Friday

    A Different Black Friday

    Earlier this year on a snowy evening in January, I got a phone call from my Mum. I knew immediately something was wrong. Her lovely voice sounded strange and slurred. She was having a stroke. And a pretty bad one too, as it turned out.
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