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Journal | Field Notes
Hit Refresh

It's January and although it's chilly, the sun is shining here in County Down; it feels like a good time to hit the refresh button.

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Journal | Fieldnotes

  1. Where it all started...

    Where it all started...

    When I was a kid I loved to gather rose petals and crushed leaves  and make perfume in old jam jars. I would leave the jars over night and try on my new 'perfume' the next day, before labelling the jars and making another batch! Not that much has changed since then really.  It was these memories that inspired this collection. Our favourite wildflowers and...
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  2. Autumn vibes and our favourite Autumnal candles

    Autumn vibes and our favourite Autumnal candles

    Finally the best season, aka autumn, is upon us. Don’t get me wrong, as the skies darken earlier each evening, I’ve been feeling the post-summer blues as much as anyone... And of course this year, we're all particularly nostalgic as we move towards October. I get it. There's always a melancholy vibe at the end of summer, but in reality Autumn is where the...
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  3. My Favourite Lockdown Podcasts

    My Favourite Lockdown Podcasts

    I thought I'd take this opportunity to share my favourite lockdown podcasts with you on this blog post.
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