Supporting Wildlife

There's more to us than just vegan candles and fragrances. That's why we've teamed up with Ulster Wildlife to support them in their local wildlife conservation efforts. Look out for their logo on all our packs.

Hate waste? So do we...

We believe nothing should go to waste! Find a comlimentary wax melt with your order; made from leftover wax and blended with seeds and petals from our fields. It's a small change but we're on a mission to re-purpose all our waste.

Throw seed bombs!

Our Bee Friendly Seed Bombs are a great way to restore native, indigenous wildflowers. Our seed bombs are hand-rolled in County Meath, Ireland using local organic soil and loaded with 28 native Irish wildflowers.

Seed Lids

All our candles come with a cute paper seed lid infused with wildflower seeds to grow! Plant them in the candle vessell they came in or any container you have to hand.

Friends Of The Field Guide

Look out for a Field Guide with your product. A wee guide to our fav weeds and wildflowers and ideas for encouraging wildlife. Top 5 tips below...

1. Don’t kill or be scared of insects and bees

They may be attracted by your nice shampoo or bright t-shirt, but will fly off as soon as they realise you are not a flower. Sadly, our bees are dying out, with many of our farmers buying bees to keep their plants going.

2. Don’t mow – Let it grow!

Give your lawnmower a little holiday. Allow strips of your garden to grow wild or let the whole lot go. See what comes up. Your neighbours might complain but the bees won’t.

3. Plant native seeds

Native seeds are best as our insects and bees have co-evolved with native flowering plants. They love their colour, smell and size and thrive on their native nutrients. Try our FieldDay native ‘Seeds of Change’.

4. Do a litter pick

All you need are a few old bags, gloves, litter pick (if you have one!) Invite a few friends to help out, the more the merrier.

5. Have a wildlife corner

Let the dandelions, buttercups and nettles go wild. They provide precious pollen for our bees, butterflies and insects. They might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but when it comes to weeds, we’re with L.F Young when he said ‘When life is not coming up roses look to the weeds and find beauty hidden within them’.

Check out the All Ireland Pollinator Plan for advice on pollinator friendly planting and garden tips #gowildwandering #friendsofthefield #keepirelandgreen