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How to get the most from your candle


Here are some tips to pro-long the life of your FieldDay scented candle, and keep it smelling and looking wonderful!

  • - Keep candle wick trimmed to 4mm. This will ensure a long and even burn.
  • - If you notice your candle smoking with a large flame, it means the wick is too long. Extinguish your candle and trim the wick to 4mm.
  • - If you have a medium sized flame you will get more burn time out of your candle.
  • - Sometimes the wick will have a little curl at the top, make sure this is removed as the flame will be large and will have a tendency to smoke.
  • - Never leave a burning candle unattended Keep out of reach of children and pets
  • - Do not move candles when lit or if the wax is still liquid as the glass jar will be hot! Do not place candle on a surface that could be damaged by heat. Do not use the candle if the glass is chipped, or cracked.

Tip: When you have burned your candle down to the last 10mm, have you ever wondered how to remove the little bit of wax at the bottom of the container?

The easiest way is to pop the container in the freezer and take it out after 30 mins and the wax will simply fall out. We have discovered the little bit of wax is nice to melt on an oil burner for even more fabulous fragrance!

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