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Life isn't always rosy... but candles help!

Life isn't always rosy... but candles help!

Life isn't always rosy, especially with everything going on in the world this week. The rubbish weather doesn't help things either, but we're with L.F. Young when he said:

"When life is not coming up roses, look to the weeds and find beauty within."

I love this quote and the thought that beauty can be found in all situations if we look hard enough. Take the beautiful wild rose; once the petals have gone and the bees have worked their pollinating magic, Mother Nature has one more trick up her sleeve; throwing out fat ruby rosehips, providing a handy source of Winter food for birds.

The rosehip is definitely not a forbidden fruit and can be used to make syrup, jellies, skin creams and more. They also make an excellent itching powder... remember chasing each other and throwing the itchy seeds down the backs of unsuspecting victims? No? Just us then.

These cooler evenings I've had a Rosehip Candle lit, the juicy scent of green leaves and ripe berries allows me to pause and appreciate the goodness in life.

But as always, don't just take our word for it!

This candle is heavenly! I could live in this scent all day and not get tired of it. It has the purest and most natural rose scent and almost has a sweet buttercream smell to it.
It does every justice to the flower, which is such a rare and special find.

- Ella

FieldDay Rosehip Jam Jar

I've hit a spot of berry madness after picking up a gorgeous Blackberry Blondie in Tribe Coffee in Saintfield during the week. It was SO good. So the plan is to gather some blackberries this weekend and give them a go myself. Keep an eye on social and I'll share the recipe with you - if they're any good!