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Turning waste wax into treasure...

Turning waste wax into treasure...

It's a Saturday afternoon here in the factory, and I'm looking at the bits of wax that get left over when we make our candles.

As a team we've been wondering how to re-purpose this wax, as we're on a mission to re-purpose all our factory waste.  So we re-melted the wax, chucked in some wildflower seeds and petals and hey presto, our wax melts were born.  Just pop in a wax burner to enjoy.

Best of all?  They're complimentary with all on-line orders.

It's a small change, but we believe nothing should go to waste.  And it's sooo satisfying making good things from leftovers.  We've been re-purposing other cool things, so FieldDay friends, watch this space...

Have a great weekend, 

Team FieldDay